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American Construction Metals (ACM) was founded in 2002 with the goal of being the industry leader in metal building products. ACM is focused towards delivering exceptional service with innovative products and programs. ACM is your brand for rainware, trim coil, edge metals, siding accessories, and soffit and fascia.

You'll want to do business with ACM because …

photo of ACM's products in warehouse
  • You have 64,000 product choices for your customers’ one-stop-shopping.
photo of ACM product inventory
  • You can expect high fill rates because of the massive ACM inventory.
photo of ACM's professional looking white packaging
  • You’ll promote and sell your brand with pride, because of the clean white professional packaging.
photo of ACM route truck
  • You can order what you need on the weekly route truck with no minimums.
US map image with sales representative photos
  • You’ll have your own personal inside sales rep.
image of ACM license plating shipping system
  • The ACM License Plating System decreases receiving in your order from hours to minutes.
image of ACM customized distributor marketing materials
  • ACM Customized Marketing sets your branch apart from your competitors.
laboratory color matching system machine photo
  • ACM Laboratory Color Matching Systems will allow you to sell with confidence.
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