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Product Bulletin

Date: Jun 09, 2018

Village Green Product Bulletin


Ply Gem no longer supports Mastic color Village Green.

Bulletin affects Beloit and Apollo Beach based customers.

Due to low sales in Mastic Village Green Soffit, Fascia, and J-Channels, we are discontinuing that color in Beloit just for those items. These items are being taken out of the catalog in Beloit and are now coded ā€œUā€ status. We are maintaining the Village Green rainware with the exception of AGC21178VI. We are shifting this product to Houston where there are good sales. (We still have acceptable sales with the .032 product in Beloit.)

We are discontinuing the entire line of Village Green rainware in Apollo Beach. All items with the Village Green color are being shipped to Houston to where there are acceptable sales.